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1st August 2012


Why I'm a Straight Christian Fighting for Gay Rights →

"From my reading of Scripture, there is little doubt in my mind what side
He would take for this issue. He would stand with the persecuted.”

I do not disagree with this quote that Emily writes in her above article.
At the same time however, I feel like it is a thought only half completed.
Yes, Jesus would stand with those who are persecuted by the powerful. The
example that comes to mind is of the woman caught in adultery. The
religious rulers have a woman who is guilty of adultery. Keep in mind that
they don’t need a trial, she was caught in the act, she is guilty. Jesus
asks who is without their own sin to pass condemnation on this woman.
Because all of us have sinned, we cannot pass judgement on another person’s
sin without also condemning ourselves of our own sins. Because of this,
Jesus tells the woman that she is not condemned, to go and sin no more.

I am all for homosexual people having equal rights. They are people. They
should be able to work and contribute to society, to live in a home and to
visit those they care about in a hospital. They deserve kindness and loving
just as much as other people do. However, homosexuality is still sinful.
Just as much as pornography, divorce and lusting. They are all
manifestations of sexual sin. It is not possible to be a practicing
homosexual and a true born again Christian. The two doctrines are
incompatible. Because of this I cannot morally vote to legislate gay
marriage into law. I will not vote for something that says it is ok to be
homosexual. That is a lie that this world is feeding you. If I could I
would vote against divorce and pornography as they are also legalized forms
of sexual sinning.

At this point you are probably thinking to yourself (if you are still
reading) that I am an ultraconservative bigoted lunatic who should be
shipped off to an island to operate under a theocracy. My response to that
is 1 Corinthians 1:21 ” For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not
know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach
to save those who believe.” The Bible is foolishness to those who are not
saved, but to those who know God, it is salvation.

The world says homosexuals deserve all the rights that straight people
have. The Bible says homosexuality is sinful. The Bible does not say to
judge homosexuals or mistreat them or to attack them. It says to love them
as God first loved us, and to share that love with them, so that they may
see their sinfulness and separation from God, just as we have, and repent
of their sins and follow God.

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31st July 2012



I think the biggest thing that frustrates me about America is the attitude of entitlement. This idea that has permeated American culture that everyone is entitled to a well paying job, to own their own house or car, to get a college education. What a load of crap. Just because you are an American, does not guarantee you access to life’s luxuries. Not everyone is going to be able to own their own home. Not everyone is going to be able to afford a college education. Not everyone is going to be able to own a car. These are luxuries. There are alternatives. You can rent an apartment. You can go to trade school or learn a craft in an apprenticeship, or even find a job out of high school. You can walk or bike to work. Just because we live in this nation, does not entitle all citizens these items. It infuriates me to know that there are families on welfare and social security benefits(Excluding retirees) who have cable, and smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. These things are all luxuries that I don’t want to pay for with my taxes. Now I understand that there are those people out there who struggle to get by working three jobs or who recently lost their job and are on unemployment benefits while looking for another job, but again, the people who are unemployed who won’t take a job because it doesn’t pay enough angers me. Get off your lazy, entitled butt, and contribute to society.

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22nd April 2012


America is going to hell

This country, which I am told was once great and moral and obedient to the will of God, is now a sinkhole with no morals. People in the country who are not headed straight to hell for their sins are few and far between. Homosexuality is becoming accepted, so is fornication, cursing, socialism. People often say you can’t legislate morality. The flip side of that is you can’t legislate immorality. Ah the good days when people were stoned for having affairs. Doesn’t anyone else see this?

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12th April 2012


Zimmerman and Martin

Simple post today.

Do you think George Zimmerman is guilty of 2nd degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin?

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5th April 2012


"I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay"

I read this article yesterday, and then again today. As you can see by my post on homosexuality previously, I am stuck on this topic. This debate seems to be one of the hottest social rights topics our country has experienced in years. I’m sure that in future years the drive for gay marriage to be legalized will be remembered right up there with women being able to vote and desegregation of the schools and equal rights for blacks. It will be taught in the schools as a time when America fought for the rights of the minority and won, because it will happen. As much as I dislike the idea of gay marriage, I don’t think that gay people should be denied their choice to live in a same sex relationship. I am all for them getting the same tax, health and legal rights that marriage provides, but I do NOT want to call it marriage. Now don’t get me wrong here, its not just because its gay marriage that I don’t want to call it marriage. I also hate the idea of Kim Kardashian’s JOKE of a marriage, or jewelry stores RENTING wedding rings, or even divorce! Coming from a family where my parents divorced when I was young, and then my mother divorced again as I was finishing college, it has instilled in me a deep loathing of divorce as well. All three of those examples are affronts to the idea of marriage. To me marriage is a commitment between one man and one woman for one lifetime. Obviously people will disagree with me and say there are grounds for divorce, and each case is so unique that I don’t think I could law out a black and white ‘divorce should never happen’, but for me, I will not leave. I am committed to the marriage that I am about to enter in to, and if things fall apart, I will seek reconciliation and healing, but I will not leave. Back to my original topic (darn tangents).

In this article, Dan talks about gays being rejected and ignored for being gay by christian people who live by a creed that says love. Love is the most important the sin doesn’t matter. Just show that you love the person and it will make the world that much better of a place. The thing that I struggled with the most was this quote. “I think it doesn’t matter if you or I or anybody else thinks homosexuality is a sin. It doesn’t matter if you or I think anythingis a sin. It doesn’t matter if homosexuality is a sin or not. In fact, it doesn’t matter if anything anybody else does is a sin or not.”

The reason that this bothers me is because I do believe that homosexuality is a sin and it does matter! It does matter to me if someone else is living in a life of sin! I share this fact not to condemn you, my condemnation means nothing, but to show that God condemns homosexuality along with a multitude of other sins. He condemns it just like he condemns lusting or divorce or prostitution! They are all various manifestations of sexual sin. Most people who hear this may just brush it off because they don’t believe in God or have an image of Christianity as broken. What really needs said when speaking about homosexuality is that it is a sin, I am telling you that it is a sin because I believe that if you continue in a sinful lifestyle that eternal damnation in hell is all that awaits you! Its the same will all other types of sin.

I agree with what Dan has said in his article that Christian’s have a very judgmental record and reputation. They are viewed as intolerant and hypocritical and this hurts me. Not just because I claim Christianity as a label for myself, but because I know there are also people who claim the Christian title who are only Christians because it is the popular thing to say. Now don’t take this as me saying that I am a perfect Christian. I think this is where Christianity suffers the most is that it is a religion striving for perfection, but full of sinners who cannot be perfect. I also agree that we need to show a love to people who may not think like we do, or behave like we do, or even follow Christianity as the Bible directs. But that question that remains for me is this; Where do we draw the line of showing a person that we love them, and pointing out to them that their behavior and lifestyle may be sinful?

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3rd April 2012



I am at a crossroads. I am currently employed in a position for which I am
overqualified. Coworkers, peers, and family have all encouraged me to find
a job that better matches my skill set and will challenge me to greater
heights. My current position doesn’t require more than a high school
diploma (college preferred), but at the same time it doesn’t challenge me
to use the collegiate education that I received. My primary function seems
to be data entry and problem solving for others. While the pay isn’t all
that great the benefits are pretty good. ESPP, 401k, insurance, training
courses, even reimbursements towards a masters degree. The problem is that
it is the wrong career choice. It limits my abilities to move forward and
up the corporate ladder. At what point does loyalty to ones company stop
and job searching for ones self begin? Does anyone else have insight or a
personal experience about leaving a job in order to get a chance toward
greater advancement? search

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1st April 2012

Post with 1 note


So I have decided that I want to make this blog of mine real because if it
isn’t real, if I am not brutally honest about my opinions and myself and my
outlooks, and what I write isn’t real, then I don’t think anyone will want
to read it. I want to dive into my soul and my character. I want to find
myself, discover who I am, and live in a way that highlights that. I want
to share my thoughts on tough topics like homosexuality and racism and
swearing and smoking and alcoholism, but I want to take it deeper than
that. I want to make it even more real. I want to share with you how I feel
‘churched’ and ‘religious’ but not saved. How I fear that I will be a
terrible husband and a worse father. How those closest to me call me racist
because of jokes that I make, but I feel deep inside that itching thought -
What if it’s true?. I want to share these thoughts with you, my anonymous
listener. Not for the sake of blogging, or venting, or just getting things
off my chest, but to discover who I am, and what I am going to do with this

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31st March 2012


Winning the lottery

640 million dollars. What an unimaginable sum of money to be bestowed upon one person. To me, its unimaginable. I have my few thousand in the bank as I work on paying for wedding, and I have my tens of thousands in student loan debt; but 640 thousand thousands of dollars is beyond my ability to comprehend. At this point I must confess I broke down and went to the gas station and bought a mega millions ticket. I just couldn’t resist. It was my first time playing the lottery and the dreaming and imagining of what to do with so much money…wow. I’m sure there were a bunch of people out there thinking the same thing as the numbers were about to be drawn. But is winning a good thing? Do I want to be loaded up with unending (supposedly) riches? Testing all of my friendships and relationships and family? I like to think I am a generous guy. I think if people started asking me for money I would give it to them. Maybe the best solution would be to stow away enough to start a fund for retirement and future childrens college costs, pay off debt and give the rest of the money away? Can one person spend that much money without going insane? Rags to riches may not be all what its cut out to be is it.. Did you play the Mega Millions? What would you have done with the money?

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25th March 2012


Mens Retreat

I went on a mens retreat this weekend. The main topic was identifying that we are living in a land and a culture that is full of giants. These giants cripple us with fear, passivity, irresponsibility etc. It is becoming harder and harder to be men in our culture. For me, one of the biggest giants that I discovered was that I am terrified of being a father and a husband. To explain, I am getting married in two months. My mother is going through her second divorce and I was raised in a very broken family. This has instilled within me a fear on how to raise a family and be a loving husband to my wife. It is something that I fear deep within my soul. I am terrified of being a failure of a husband and being a poor father. How do I raise up children to be solid spiritually, morally and healthy? Its just a terrifying prospect to me. This is my giant. The cool thing about this retreat is that it revealed to me that my giants aren’t that big and that God will conquer all. This is a reassuring thought to realize that, God will enable me to be a solid husband to my wife and a solid father to my children(if we have any) as long as I continue to pursue his word.

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21st March 2012



People always say that the honeymoon doesn’t last forever or the honeymoon has to end eventually. I don’t understand this phrase. Its like resigning yourself to believing that passionate and overpowering love for your spouse will eventually fade. I am getting married this spring. I am super pumped. We are going on a nice cruise the Caribbean for our honeymoon and it is going to be filled with activity and exploration and time spent with each other (and sex!). It is a time in our life where we let our love and passion burn for the other person in a bright, uncontrolled and devouring way. I never want my love and passion for my wife(to be) to diminish. I want the honeymoon love experience to last throughout our lifetime. I never want to be satisfied with how fully I love my wife(to be) and how she loves me. It makes me sad that people expect the love between a couple to fade and sputter out and rather than try to diagnose why that is, it just gets written off as it is what it is.

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